Submission Content Guidelines

Invitation for Submission Guidelines:

Your experience or research findings will provide valuable insight that can inspire innovative ideas to other participants. In line with the conference's main focus, we sincerely invite submission of presentation on the following tracks/areas:

  • Recovery and Community
  • Military & Gambling
  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Responsible Gambling and Regulation
  • Sports and Gambling NEW!! now part of the main conference 
  • Tribal Gaming NEW!! now part of the main conference as well as Pre-Conference 

 Presentations will be selected for:

  • Pre-Conference Workshops (2 hours) NEW!! 
  • Breakout Sessions (60 minutes)
  • PED Talks (15 minutes)
  • Poster Sessions (30 minutes)
  • Prevention Showcase (90 minutes shared)
  • Master Class Workshops (4 hours) NEW!! Saturday afternoon 

Selection Criteria:

Please note that the presentations submitted will be selected for the following criteria:

  • General Importance
  • Innovation
  • Evidence-Based
  • Popular Appeal 

Track Objectives:

Recovery & Community: The Recovery Track is designed to help attendees gain knowledge about how to assist with the recovery journey of people affected by gambling addiction and to help people in recovery support themselves and each other.

Treatment: The Treatment Track is designed to help attendees expand knowledge about promising and proven treatment advancements for problem gambling.

Responsible Gambling and Regulation: The Responsible Gaming Track is designed to help attendees understand research and techniques about the ways to employ responsible practices in regulation and operations of any specific type of gambling or all types of gambling.

Prevention: The Prevention Track is designed to help attendees gain knowledge of proven and innovative prevention practices related to gambling addiction.

Military & Veterans: The Military and Veterans Gambling Track is designed to help attendees learn about gambling addiction issues as they relate to US military veterans and/or active-duty military personnel.

Tribal Gaming: The Tribal Gaming is designed to help attendees learn about gambling addiction issues and responsible gambling practices with special relevance to Native American tribal communities and tribal casinos. Tribal leaders, casino executives, advocates and treatment providers are invited to discuss these topics and ways to balance needs and benefits for all concerned.  

Sports and Gambling: The Sports and Gambling Track is designed to bring together leaders in sports, sports gambling and regulation to learn about research findings and best practices for teams (both staff and players), gambling operators, venue owners, and regulators to reduce the risk of gambling problems associated with sports betting. Those specific to the DC sports betting environment, which is slated to start operating in spring 2020, are explicitly encouraged to apply.  

Presentation Types:

Pre-Conference Workshops offer intensive and specific skill development which incorporates hands-on exercises and a significant amount of attendee participation/interaction in a small group setting.  The sessions are for two hours.  Participants must sign up in advance for a limited number of seats. Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Breakout Sessions are usually given by one presenter focusing on a specific topic but may also be configured as a Panel or Roundtable with up to three speakers, in addition, the presenter/moderator.  Breakout presentations are given in sessions of 60 minutes, which includes time for introductions and questions.

PED Talks-Problem gambling EDucational Talks (modeled on TED talks) are intended to showcase one well-formed idea that is new or relevant, interesting and dynamic in 15 minutes and using no more than 10 slides.

Posters Sessions are presented during the 30-minute networking breaks and provide presenters with the opportunity to be seen by all conference attendees in a more informal and interactive venue.  Poster presentations require the visual display of the essential contents of a paper (e.g., abstract, short narrative, enlarged graphs or pictures, and a brief conclusion). Only the person who is speaking in person at the conference can apply; advisors are not considered presenters.

Prevention Showcase features selected prevention programs in an interactive session.  Presenters will display their program materials in an exhibit hall setting as well as provide a brief presentation. Attendees at the session will vote for the People's Choice Best in Prevention Showcase Award.

Master Class Workshops - The learning continues after the Conference. Master Class Workshops offer an opportunity to slow down and dig deeper into relevant topics, taking the practical information learned during the conference and tailoring it to suit attendees' goals or needs. Master Class Workshops will be offered post-conference on Saturday afternoon.