Speaker Guidelines

**All presenters, co-presenters, and panelists are required to register for the conference and are also responsible for their own travel, accommodation expenses, and arrangements.  Co-presenters will be listed in the program only if they are actually presenting. 

The benefits of presenting include:

  • Promotion in conference marketing materials distributed across the country and around the world.
  • Continuing education credit, if applicable.
  • Networking and exposure to leaders in the field.

For Breakout Presentations:

  • All presenters are required to provide an electronic copy of their PowerPoint presentation.  
  • NCPG will not be responsible for the copying/printing of any presentation materials. 
  • Please bring a copy of the finalized presentation on USB on the day in case there are any issues with our copy.

    For Panels:
  • The presenter creating the submission is expected to serve as the moderator and organizer of the panel and overall presentation. 
  • The presenter will secure the participation of the panel members and provide all required information on the panel members to NCPG
  • Panel members, we encourage you to discuss the key points of discussion with your fellow panel members and moderator.  
  • Please allow for a question and answer period of around 5-10 minutes within your session – for both panels and presentations.
  • Each session is 60 minutes long, however, we request that you plan to finish 5 minutes early (55 minutes) so that attendees have time to prepare for the next session.

    Poster Session Guideline:
  • There will be one 4 feet by 8 feet display space (4H and 8W).
  • Poster boards are double-sided, and the posters attach with tacks. You will have to pin your display to the poster board. 
  • You can have multiple posters as long as they fit within the total dimensions.
  • There is no AV.

    Audio/Visual (AV):
  • Please include your A/V needs for your presentation. The standard room set up will include Windows laptop with internet, projector and screen, and microphone. If you need additional materials such as flip charts and markers, plan to play a video or audio, or special set up of the room please provide these details.


  • Our audience and fellow speakers are highly anticipating the information that you share at the conference. We kindly request that you keep any company introduction or related promotion to a minimum during presentations to be able to use the time allotted to speak to the topic at hand.